Freefall Xtreme

NZD $49.50
  • Duration: 15 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Rotorua

Soar like a bird, rolling and flipping above a 220km/h wind tunnel. This no string attached body flying experience will have you freefall flying for longer than a standard skydive.
Just like floating through clouds.

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  • Wind Speeds: Up to 220km per hour.
  • This is the only outdoor open wind tunnel in the southern hemisphere.
  • 1 minute and a half in the wind tunnel, more time than a standard Skydive, which is 45- 75 seconds 
  • Two Flight masters with you at all times guiding you how to fly

Terms and Conditions 

  • Number of Flyers at a time: 1
  • Minimum Weight requirement: 20Kg
  • Maximum Weight requirement: 150Kg
  • Minimum Age:5 Years old
  • Please note, if there is a lot of wind, the minimum weight could increase
  • Please note we have a no refund policy